The Carter County Property Valuation Administrators Office is dedicated to serving the public and assisting the public with understanding the operations of the PVA office.  We hope this website will keep you informed on Kentucky’s Property Tax System, new policies and procedures, and current statuses.  Current certified Tax Roll, characteristics when available, as well as ownership information will be available on our Property Search Quick Link.


Quad 2


As part of our annual list of duties, we have to complete a physical inspection of homes/businesses in our quadrennial plan. For the 2025 tax season, our physical inspection includes homes in the middle west end of the county (Map 043 through Map 080, including the Olive Hill, Ben’s Run, Grassy, Carter City, Pleasant Valley, Grahn, Aden, Fultz, and Iron Hill communities as well as US 60 between Olive Hill and Smith Branch. This includes residential houses, duplexes, townhomes, single and double wide mobile homes, commercial buildings, exempt properties, etc. One of the ways we inspect these properties is by getting out and updating our current pictures of these properties. SO, if you see our field staff, Ben Jackson, out and about he is simply taking pictures of these properties for our inspection record and to update these parcels within our website. He will be driving a Subaru SUV, well-marked with “Carter County PVA” magnets on the doors. Feel free to say HI and if you have any questions, he would be happy to try and answer those for you or direct you to the correct place to get the answers you are looking for.

Meet Leslie Kiser-Roseberry, PVA

It has been an honor and a privilege to serve the finest people in the world, the citizens of Carter County, as your PVA since February 1, 2014.  Prior to being your PVA, I was employed as a deputy PVA for over 30 years.  I obtained my Certified Kentucky Assessor (CKA) designation in 1998, and my Senior Kentucky Assessor (SKA) designation in 1999.  I truly love Carter County, and I will always strive to carry out the duties of this office to the best of my ability.  Thank you for allowing me this opportunity!





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